Alberto Culver

The Alberto Culver Company is an innovative leader in consumer products in key markets around the world. Their product portfolio builds from a strong core of beauty and personal care brands and includes a group of innovative household products.

Case description: Challenged the terms of the proposed sale of Alberto-Culver to Unilever. Alleged Alberto-Culver board improperly structured the transaction to favor its preferred bidder (Unilever) and dissuade other interested parties from bidding.

Cypress was offered as expert witness on behalf of the court-appointed class plaintiffs regarding the fair value of Alberto-Culver. The case was settled in November 2010. As part of the settlement, Alberto-Culver agreed to eliminate the matching rights it had granted Unilever; lower any break-up fee Alberto-Culver may be obliged to pay by $25 million to $100 million; and promptly provide any superior bigger with the same confidential documents shared with Unilever.